About Me

TEFL certified tutor; and a highly energetic and motivated individual, who is result driven and has a drive to attain customer service excellence. My hobbies and interests are reading, current affairs, writing poetry and music.

Me as a Teacher

I love the English language, from metaphors to figures of speech, etc ; and this is an avenue for me for use it more by imparting my knowledge on others. I have a great passion for learning and learners, and I think that the best way to learn is by teaching. I belong to the category of those persons who are not satisfied until they have shared all that they have gained with their students.

My Lessons & Teaching Style

I am patient and willing to take as much time needed with students to master the language, as I have come to a realization that each student has their own rate of assimilating information.

My Teaching Material

  • Text Documents
  • Images and Visuals