Matthew Joseph


About Me

I am Matthew Joseph T. Antiporda and I am an Online English Tutor from the Philippines, I have been teaching English to students of different ages for more than a year now and I am excited to teach here in Italki as well.

My hobbies are very simple, I love watching Japanese anime, American movies, Korean drama as well as playing games on my computer. I am an indoor person but I also love spending time with my friends when I do get the chance to do so as well.

Me as a Teacher

As a Teacher I believe that there is no “Shortcut” to learning English or any other language for that matter, the only way is practice and repetition but that doesn’t mean it cant be fun!

When I was a child until I was an adult I always found that things that were interesting or fun for me were easier to remember and so I would like to provide such lessons here too.

So I try to make sure that the conversation with my students are fun for them as well so that they may create memorable moments to not only learn from but enjoying the process as well.

My Lessons & Teaching Style

I like to teach the students by introducing things that they might not know yet and slowly teaching them how to use this new found knowledge so that it becomes second nature for them as well.

I like using Articles, Videos, Pictures and even games that are interactive where the student decides what we will do so to motivate them to speak even more just so they could explain what it is they want to be done which in turn becomes a good exercise for there speaking skills.

My Teaching Material

  • Images and Visuals
  • Video
  • News Articles and Magazines