About Me

Hello! I am Tanya and I am Ukrainian. I would love to introduce myself. I love traveling this is the reason why I am interested to get to know people from different cultures. I have been to a few countries and I enjoyed this experience. I love sports in general but volleyball is my favorite one. I was playing it during the high school. A book is a great resource of hidden wisdom, and every time I open it I enter a new world. The best tool to find a harmony in my life and myself is running. I feel free each time I go for a long run. There is a story behind all of us. I am interested to get to know you and your story. So, let’s learn from each other!

Me as a Teacher

I was in the Philippines for more than 18 moths as a volunteer for the Church. While there, I had an experience to meet and teach hundreds of people. I have helped children and adults to improve their life quality, set goals, change their nature and eventually their lives. Because I had to study Tagalog and English in a very short period of time, I understand what you are going through. I hope to support you on this hard but also fun way.

My Lessons & Teaching Style

In my opinion, the fastest way to master a language is to speak it with a person who knows it fluently and is ready to be your friend and support.

My Teaching Material

  • Text Documents
  • Images and Visuals
  • Video
  • News Articles and Magazines
  • Quizzes
  • Example Test Templates
  • Homework Assignments